Planet 51

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What if we were the aliens?


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How many times have you wondered if there is life in other planets? How many times have you thought what would happen if we arrived in other planet and there would be people living there? That's the story of Planet 51.

Planet 51 is the name of the planet where Chuck lands. When Chuck lands there he realizes that he is not alone. Planet 51 is inhabited by green and friendly creatures who are living in peace and whose only fear is alien invaders... like Chuck. Yes, because in this story, humans are the aliens, we are the invaders.

An amazing animation movie that tells the hilarious adventures of captain Chuck in Planet 51. He will meet Lem, an inhabitant of Planet 51 who will help him. Go to the cinema and enjoy this wonderful movie directed by Jorge Blanco.

While you decide when you'll go to the cinema, we offer you the official wallpaper of Planet 51.
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